Volunteers and Donations

To donate to the Elm Street Dog Park using paypal click on the button below.

send in a check to: ESDPA; PO Box 1623; Pismo Beach, CA 93448
or drop donations into the Donation Dogs in the Big Dog and Small Dog yards.

Daily Yard Maintenance

Chair – Carole Word
Daily volunteers needed to:

  • water grass/plants/trees
  • wash & wipe down benches
  • sweep concrete slabs
  • collect & wash water bowls
  • pick up toys & balls
  • walk yard and pick up poop
  • refill sanitizer
  • Lawn Maintenance

Periodic Yard Work

  • Work Day on the first saturday of every month (Bark Clean up, Vine Cutting, Fence Mending, Leaves Raking, Planter re-arrangement, Spread New Ground Cover)